Monogram Wine Tumbler with Pattern Adhesive Vinyl

Can you believe it’s FRIDAY already?  Or better yet, that September has started and we now get to run through all the fabulous projects for your Silhouette Life Inspiration Box!  Today we have a great beginner’s tutorial for you on using patterned adhesive vinyl, along with great resources for where to purchase from.  If you missed the Facebook Live video this morning, we have it below for your viewing pleasure!



So first, let’s talk about this fabulous patterned adhesive vinyl and how to use it.  Go ahead and dig through your box and locate your roll of patterned vinyl, then remove it from the protective sleeve.  Included you will have one sheet of various pattern adhesive vinyl, a sheet of clear transfer paper and printed instructions courtesy of CS Designs & Supplies.  Also from your box, locate the pink fine-tip tweezers, pink squeegee and silver craft knife.  This project is built to place the decal on the stainless steel wine tumbler, so grab yours if you want to follow along.


The first step will be to set up your design in Silhouette Studio.  For this tutorial, we selected the shape of the state of Florida (this will make sense soon, I promise!).  Go ahead and size it for the tumbler, which turns out to be no more than 3.5″ tall.  After you size the shape, go ahead and drag to the top left corner of your design area.  When you choose the Cut Settings window, your design should light up in bright red cut lines.

Cut Settings

Now that your design is in place and your cut lines are working (shown in bright red), you can adjust the cut settings you need for this patterned adhesive vinyl.  With the roll of adhesive vinyl, CS Designs & Supplies sent over an awesome instruction guide, which includes the cut settings for this exact piece of vinyl.  I found if you follow them to the letter, you’ll get a perfect vinyl cut.  Basically, you can select the preset Vinyl settings in Silhouette Studio, but you’ll manually adjust your blade to “2” instead of the recommended setting of “1”.  Always Test Cut when you are working with new material!

Settings for Pattern Adhesive Vinyl

Now go ahead and load the vinyl into your Cameo.  If you are cutting without a mat like me, make sure you move your rollers AND that your vinyl lines up under each side of the roller.  You’ll also want to choose Load Media.  If you are using a cutting mat, you will choose Load Cut Mat.  You’ll also want to make sure when you load the vinyl, that the pattern you chose for your design is located in the area that your design will cut.  I used the blue stripes with flowers design, so I made sure that pattern was in the left top corner.


After your media is loaded, go back to Silhouette Studio and choose Test Cut.  Remember that your blade should have been on “2”.  If you are satisfied with the Test Cut, go ahead and select Send to Silhouette to proceed to cut your design.  If you Test Cut was unsuccessful, go back to your cut settings and make sure they match the above diagram.  Sometimes if you are working on a new blade, you might need to make some manual adjustments until your blade is “normal”.

As you can see below, we used the craft knife to cut a border around our Florida shape.  This is so when we weed, we only weed the part that we need and not the whole sheet.  We recommend using your fine-tip tweezers instead of your craft knife to week, as a safety precaution.

Peel off the backing of your transfer paper and lay it on top of your design.  You can smooth with your squeegee to get a good stick on your transfer paper.


Now carefully peel the transfer paper from the vinyl sheet, hopefully removing your vinyl design with it.  If you run into any problems, smooth the transfer sheet back down and squeegee again.


Now it’s just a matter of lining up your design with your tumbler.  Lay your tumbler on it’s side and place an object on either side to keep it from rolling away.  Now align your vinyl shape, sticky side down, but hover just above your tumbler.  When you’re happy with the alignment, go ahead and stick it in place.


Is it starting to make a little bit of sense?  Remember when the craze started with the striped state designs?  Well I can tell you from personal experience that cutting and layering those designs is a real pain.  So when I saw this pattern vinyl from CS Designs & Supplies, I knew right away what I wanted to use it for.

So here’s just a sample of the two projects that we made using our sheet of patterned adhesive vinyl!  If you want to check out the Facebook Live video that we posted this morning, you can see step by step in the video of making the actual tumbler.



So we want to give a big shout out to CS Designs & Supplies for sponsoring the adhesive vinyl for the September box!  I’ve been a customer of CS Designs & Supply since they started and I absolutely love their wide range of products and patterns.  And if you think this adhesive vinyl is gorgeous, you HAVE to see some of their gorgeous HTV (heat transfer vinyl).  Remember that we don’t let just anyone add their product to the box, we have sourced our best resources for you to try out, so you won’t be disappointed purchasing from them!  They also have local stores in Texas, so maybe you can go pay them a visit! I’m sure they’d love to see the awesome creations you make using your products, so be sure to share with them on Facebook!CS Designs


The other supplies for today’s project can be found here:

Clarity Drop 14oz Stainless Steel Tumbler

Clear Transfer Tape

Hot Pink SIC Cup (Amazon affiliate link) – these are not included in your box, but I wanted to include a link since this is the tumbler I used in the tutorial.


The pink tweezers, squeegee and craft knife will be part of our Welcome Kit going forward and can be added on to future box subscriptions.  So if you’re following along for November, be sure to email us at and let us know you want a Welcome Kit!  We’ll send you the link to purchase (only $10) and include it in your November Box!

As promised, check out the Facebook Live video:


  1. Jerri Dyke

    Hello Becky. Nice tutorial and video….except everything was backwards. ( I know…it’s a phone thing!) =)
    Is this vinyl a semi-permanent vinyl? Like the wall vinyls or 651? I am concerned about putting it on a tumbler that gets washed so much.

  2. Belinda

    Where can we purchase the tools you are using…..the tweezers etc?


    I absolutely loved my first Inspiration box!! The insert didn’t include the supplier for the wine tumbler. Can you please let me know?

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