Hire a Licensed Instructor!


Hire a Licensed Silhouette Instructor!

Stop nosing around with your new Silhouette Cameo (or Portrait) and let us come and show you how to get the most out of your the software, the machines and the materials!  That’s right, we will come to YOU or you can come to us, depending on your needs.

So what does this mean?

Well, not only can you come and see me (and Mom) at the fabulous All Things Silhouette Conferences or in the beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida, but we will come and see you!  Literally, we will pack our bags and travel to your location and teach you all about Silhouette.

What does it cost?

Of course, we can’t travel for free (bummer, right?), but if you are interested and can get together a few of your girlfriends, we can make a real big time of a weekend and Silhouette-it-up!  The best part about a personalized event is that we can cater to you!  We can teach what YOU want, instead of you making due with what we offer.

So how much does it cost?  Well, there are a lot of variables.  Time, travel, cost of supplies, venue cost, etc.  SO, with that being said, you can email us and we can work out a custom quote depending on what you need.  Let’s get together and chat — no obligations, I promise!

How many people do I need?

You don’t have to be a business, but we welcome businesses as well.  Small groups, large groups, we’re here for you!  The number of attendees does help to spread out the costs of the class, BUT, don’t be discouraged!  We can help to build quotes that will work for you and your group!

What can you teach?

The honest truth is that we can teach just about anything, and that’s not to brag.  We have experience teaching classes from beginner to intermediate to advanced, and we’re willing to utilize our resources to learn something new if the need arises.  Here’s a very basic list:

Introduction to Silhouette Studio

Silhouette Cameo 101

Basics of Adhesive Vinyl

Heat Transfer Vinyl (Home Irons and Heat Presses)

Designing Tips & Tricks

Multi-layer Designs for Vinyl and HTV

Glass Etching


Screen Printing with Silhouette

Cutting Fabric


Does the cost depend on the class?

Yes and no.  It doesn’t cost more depending on difficult, but the price does adjust based on the supplies we will need in class.  Also, combining classes into one- or two-day events to reduce the overall cost of the event.

How do you book a class or event?

Email us!  Each event we do is custom and we want to offer you the most bang for your buck!  Let’s chat about how to make this work in your area!

Will you come to an event that I organize?

Absolutely!  We offer various level of services depending on what you need and our price reflects that.  Want to host an event and make it profitable?  Let’s do it!

What are some other things I can do other than just a weekend retreat?

We can do parties, we can do girl’s night, we can do a bridal party or help you organize your family and friends to make your own wedding supplies (get that free labor LOL).  The point is, don’t limit yourself, let us work for you!