Free Wedding Font and Cut File Bundle

Of course you know how much we love Creative Fabrica.  Remember when we revealed their awesome subscription based font program?  Amazing.  So we’re happy to announce that they have sponsored an awesome font and cut file bundle for our Wedding Themed box!  Did you catch that?  That’s right, our entire box this month is geared towards weddings and anniversaries, but don’t worry, you’ll be able to use these skills for a multitude of projects with or without nuptials.

But back to Creative Fabrica.  Let’s go through their awesome sponsorship, starting with pulling their card from your box.  Here’s what it looks like.



As you can see, the cards come with their own instructions, so just follow along and you’ll be fine!

We’ll start with the font first.  Go to and search for Augenblick.  Or you can click here, we’ve done that part for you.



Click “Buy for $10.00”, but don’t worry, you won’t actually pay since it’s a sponsored item.



This will add the font to your cart, which should appear automatically.  This is where your code will come in handy, you’ll enter it in the area for Coupon Code.  After you enter the code, click “Apply”.



Once you click “Apply”, the coupon will be applied and your cart total will now be zero and you can Proceed to Checkout.



If you’ve used Creative Fabrica before, go ahead and log-in to your account and Place Your Order.  If not, hop on over to the Billing Details and create an account for this download and future purchases.  This is also where all your purchases will be stored, in the event you ever need to restore any of your files.



Once your purchase has been completed, simply scroll down to find the download link.  Click the yellow box and proceed with the download.  If you’re on a PC, I’ll proceed with instructions on how to install and use your font in Silhouette Studio.



Now locate the downloaded folder on your computer.  Mine go to my Downloads folder.



Next, double-click on the folder to open, then double-click on the font file.  The font preview window should open, showing you what the font will look like, and you can click “Install”.



That is literally it for installing the font on your computer.  You can now use it in any applications that allow you to use fonts from your computer’s library, such as Silhouette Studio.  If you have Silhouette Studio open at the time you install your font, you will need to close and re-open the program.



Now let’s talk about your free cut file!  The process is basically the same, except you can search for any cut file you’d like!  There are currently 673 designs to choose from, but we’re going to look at a few of our favorites!

Now don’t forget, you do need the Designer Edition of Silhouette Studio to open SVG files.  Fortunately enough, with the files I’ve chosen to download from Creative Fabrica, they also come with DXF files, which can be opened with the standard version of Silhouette Studio.  Just something to take note of when you are choosing which file to open.

Start by going to

Now the theme of the box is Wedding, but I’m here to say that their non-wedding cut files are where I’d be, so don’t feel restricted to picking one over another.  We’re going to pair this cut file with the black clutch and mirror HTV from your box, but alternative cut files will be given, as well.

So of course, if I was planning a wedding, I would totally rock this one for myself:



This is a more neutral one that can be used for any Bride-to-be or just a romantic gift for any woman:



But these next two are my personal favs so far for cute little clutches are more user friendly for us non-wedding folk:




Once you decide on a file that you’d like to use with your clutch, just add to your cart and use your next Coupon Code!




After you have checked out and downloaded your file, you’ll need to extract the files from the zipped folder.  To do that, first, locate the files on your computer.  Again, mine go to my Download folder.



Now I have a special folder set up for SVG files that I download.  So I’m going to open my zipped folder, copy the file I want and paste it into my SVG folder.  If you can open both folders at the same time, you can actually just drag-and-drop as well.  It’s whatever is easiest for you.



To open SVG files, first open Silhouette Studio.  Then click File > Open, then locate the file on your computer.  Since I extracted mine to the SVG folder, that’s where I’ll look.



You are now free to use the SVG files (within the terms and conditions, of course) in Silhouette Studio!  Just remember when cutting SVG files, you may have to turn on your cut lines in the Cut Settings menu.


Now just cut, cut, cut away!  If you like the cut files you see, you may want to consider signing up for Creative Fabrica’s 3-month subscription for only $12!  They have a lot of good choices and they are constantly updating their library!  Give it some thought!

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