DIY Christmas Character Wine Glasses with Glitter

Around the holiday season (and really all year), Pinterest is my BFF for crafting ideas.  Today’s project was shared with me by a friend of mine (with an ulterior motive!) because she just knew I couldn’t resist making a set for myself.  If I happen to make a spare set, she’d be happy to display it for me in her home, just being the great friend that she is!  Ha!  Anywho, I traced down the image she sent from Pinterest to a wonderful blog and must absolutely give full credit for the idea.  Introducing… The Keeper of the Cheerios!  So a huge shout out and thank you to Sheena for the fabulous idea of Christmas Wine Glasses!

DIY Christmas Character Wine Glasses with Glitter

I obviously didn’t change a whole lot with the design, I mean you can’t fix perfect, right?  They turned out fabulous and I just love, love, love looking at them every single day.  These may be part of my permanent decor!  So, enough raving (and yes, my friend liked her set too!), how do you make these beauties?

The first answer to that question is… patience.  I know, I thought when I came across this crafting gem, it just looked so darn easy.  And really, it’s not a complicated process, it’s just not quite as easy as your brain insists it must be.  So here are a few tips and tricks that I learned along the way.

First, here are your supplies…

The main ingredient… wine glasses!  You can purchase them at the dollar store, or here is a link if you prefer to just order online and have them delivered:

Libbey 14-Ounce Classic White Wine Glass, Clear, 4-Piece

You’ll need the four colors of Krylon Glitter Blast Spray Paint.  These are Amazon links, but if you want them before Christmas you might have to visit your local craft store.

Krylon K03806 Glitter Blast, Cherry Bomb
Krylon K03802 Glitter Blast, Silver Flash
Krylon K03808 Glitter Blast, Citrus Dream
Krylon K03803 Glitter Blast, Bronze Blaze

For each character, you’ll need a few miscellaneous pieces.  I found most of these laying around my craft area and left over supplies from last year, so take a peek and see if you have any you can re-use:

Santa: black ribbon for the belt and gold glitter cardstock for the buckle
Snowman: accent ribbon for the scarf and three black buttons
Grinch: green feathers (I used a boa) and black vinyl for the face (FREE SILHOUETTE CUT FILE)
Reindeer: brown chenille stems and a red tinsel pom-pom
Accent: Jute burlap twine and red and white jingle bells

Tips and Tricks

First, let’s address the Krylon Glitter Blast spray paint.  If you read reviews like I do, I did some homework and found this spray paint had very mixed results.  Some reported a faulty spray head, other reported inconsistent spraying, some said it was the perfect mix of glitter and paint.  I had fantastic results, but I wanted to share with you the reason why.  Here is a review I read on Amazon and I believe this made all the difference:

Shaken, not Stirred – “Here’s the key – shake well. I don’t mean, shake it for five seconds, then have at it. Shake it until your arm is sore from shaking. And then shake it for a minute past that. Do the macarena with it for the length of the whole song. Shake it like a headbanger in a mosh pit. Pretend you’re trying to whip a jar of whip cream. You’re mixing a can of glitter particles suspended in glue – failure at the shaking will result in disaster.”

With this advice in mind, I had amazing results and only had to apply one layer of paint to my wine glasses.  Also, I actually used all my spray paint at once so I didn’t have to worry about a goopy spray blockage or faulty spray head.  I managed to get large-ish wine glasses with one can of spray paint, so I did three of each color, then tossed it.

Krylon Spray Paint

Tip number two, apply the Grinch vinyl face before you add the feathers.  This allows you to spray a sealer or cover with Mod Podge to make sure the vinyl stays put.

Tip number three, you cannot apply the Grinch vinyl design to the glitter spray painted surface with transfer tape.  I tried.  Instead, you’ll have to use your delicate hand-crafting skills, peel off each piece of the Grinch with either tweezers or a craft knife and apply by hand.  I started with the center of the mouth and worked my way up.  Also revisit, tip number two, for making sure your vinyl stays where it belongs after you have painstakingly applied it by hand.  If you happen to have good drawing skills, you may consider drawing the Grinch with a black sharpie.

Tip number four, you will have to trim your reindeer antlers.  Unless you are really super skilled at folding chenille stems, this part is inevitable.  Don’t fight it.

Last and final tip number five, don’t try to line up Santa’s ribbon belt to go perfectly around the wine glass.  The glass is round and this will cause your ribbon to have funny gaps, which is no laughing matter in crafting.  Instead, work it at an angle with the belt buckle towards the top of the curve.  Also, line up the seam of your ribbon so it’s under the cardstock, keeps that nasty line out of sight!

Here are some individual photos:

Santa Claus Christmas Glitter Wine Glass by My Paper Craze     Snowman Glitter Wine Glass by My Paper Craze

Rudolph Reindeer Glitter Wine Glass by My Paper Craze     Grinch Glitter Wine Glass by My Paper Craze

I have to admit, the Grinch it totally my favorite!

Now that I know how easy this Krylon Glitter Blast Spray Paint is, my head is swimming with all kinds of great ideas!  Can you think of some nifty ways to use this fabulous paint in your holiday projects?

We’d love to see what you are working, stop by and share with us on Facebook or Instagram, we’d love to see your inspiration!

Check back this weekend for more Christmas cheer!


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