Silhouette Special Challenge: Using Rhinestones!

Hey there everyone!  We have another special surprise for you today… using our fabulous Silhouette Cameo and {RHINESTONES}!  This is officially our first rhinestone project, so I’m pretty excited to put it on display.  Of course, this fabulous challenge is brought to you by Silhouette Challenges.  I’m really having a great time being part of their wonderful Design Team.  Be sure you head on over and check out all the great ideas they have floating around.  Scroll down for the big reveal of my Drama Queen Rhinestones T-Shirt!

One of the benefits for this challenge is that it is optional, only those of us who have an interest in {RHINESTONES} have chosen to partake.  So basically… this is a freebie for you {LOL}.  We do have 4 fabulous team members hopping around this optional challenge, so be sure to show them some bloggy-love.  After we’ve offered you some inspiration of the {BLING} variety, don’t forget to link up your own rhinestone project!

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Silhouette Rhinestone Template Kit


I’m very proud of my rhinestone project, inspired by my very own Drama Queen (not me, surprisingly).  Introducing my very own Drama Queen Rhinestone T-Shirt!

Drama Queen Rhinestone Tshirt with Silhouette by My Paper Craze

Before I go any farther, I do want to state the I love my Silhouette, it’s practically part of the family.  It’s my go-to tool for all my crafting needs, easy.  {BUT} this rhinestone project was one of my more frustrating crafts.  I started by finding this simple tutorial on YouTube.  While Silhouette America makes great tutorials, I sometimes prefer a third-party to get a first-hand, learn-as-you-go approach.

The basics are all the same, I just have a few helpful hints from my experience:

1. Start with a simple design first.  I honestly chose a design that was too complicated for my first rhinestone project.  My next one will be on a smaller scale.

2. Stick with one color of rhinestone to begin with.  This may seem like a restatement of the first tip, but trust me, it’s worth restating.  When you start mixing colors, a lot more hand-to-rhinestone work is needed and this project was trying enough without this step.

3. Be attentive to your Silhouette.  I have become too comfortable with the ease at which my Silhouette completes my crafts and I often walk away once the cutting begins.  To cut through the rhinestone template material, it’s a ton of little holes and requires a double-cut, resulting in a lengthy cut time.  My computer went into sleep mode and stopped cutting right at the end of my design.  Eek!  If this happens to you, don’t panic!  We’ll cover a quick-fix later.

My Paper Craze (1)

4. My little back dots did not remove quite as easily as the tutorial shows.  Perhaps I did not pull the material apart fast enough, but I was left with about 75% of my design to poke out by hand.  Not a big deal, but definitely tedious… and a little frustrating.

5. When I smoothed in my rhinestones, they didn’t all just automatically flip to the right spot and the right-side-up.  Again, not a big deal, but this part was very time consuming.  I used my weeding hook to help manually flip the rhinestones.

6. When placing the transfer sheet over your rhinestones, don’t just slap it down, it’ll cause your rhinestones to move out of place.  I recommend starting from one side and smoothing slowly onto your design.  If you get some out of place, again don’t panic, it can be fixed

7. You now have at least most of your design on the transfer sheet.  If you have any missing or out-of-place rhinestones, now is the time to fix it.  Start by flipping your transfer sheet rhinestone-side-up.  You can insert any missing rhinestones into your design by hand, just remember that it is mirrored.  Tweezers would probably be helpful, as well as having your design open in the Silhouette Studio as a guide.  Also, you can either remove or slide any out-of-place rhinestones back into the correct spot.

Now you really do just iron it on, which is pretty easy.  After you peel off the transfer sheet, I recommend flipping the shirt inside-out and ironing on the back of the design.  The adhesive is heat activated and this just made me feel like my design was secured to the shirt.  After all this hard work, I would have given up if they had started falling off, LOL.

Now hop on over to see what my DT sisters have created for your inspiration and to link up your Rhinestone projects.  For easy access, click here:

Silhouette Challenges: Using Rhinestones!

In case you missed it this weekend, the fabulous Silhouette Challenges Design Team hosted a BLOSSOM HOP!  Many of the blogs even have give-a-ways going on.  Be sure to check it out—it’s a two day event, you can get the down-low and the line-up from these posts:


  1. Nana Ferrari

    This is just over the top cute. I love the crown and the wording is perfect. Love it.
    Thanks for signing up for this special challenge.

    Have a creative day.
    Hugs Nana
    My Crafting Channel
    Nana’s Rag Quilts
    2 Creative Chicks
    Silhouette Challenges

    1. Becky Dykes (Post author)

      Thanks, Nana! I can’t wait for her to wear it! She loves rhinestones already, so this will be perfect (and oh so true!).

  2. scrapper69

    Oh WOW Becky! That looks amazing! You did a fabulous job with this Challenge! LOVE the Shirt! :o)

    Theresa DT Sister

    1. Becky Dykes (Post author)

      Thanks, Teresa! It was fun but definitely has a learning curve, LOL. So glad you stopped by!

  3. Janis

    Your post is fantastic! I love all the “real” comments and hints you gave us instead of just glossing over possible issues and “panic” moments. Great job! Love your shirt. All of your effort was worth it. It turned out really cute.
    ~Janis, Sil Chs DT Sister

    1. Becky Dykes (Post author)

      Thanks, Janis! I didn’t breathe for a full minute when I realized my rhinestones had moved from the design, I was not doing all that work again, LOL!

  4. Becky F

    This shirt is adorable! I appreciate all of your tips too, since I’ve never tried the rhinestone material!

    1. Becky Dykes (Post author)

      Thanks, Becky! It is definitely a trial and error process, so hopefully I’ll have it down pat next time! So glad these tips will help you, too!

  5. Carie Spence

    Ohh this would be perfect for my daughter…we call her Lil Diva…so if the rhinestoned crown fits…. 🙂

    1. Becky Dykes (Post author)

      LOL, no kidding, Carie! I think all girls have a little Diva and Drama! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Kim Thompson

    Oh my this is so so cute and just what I want to make for my granddaughter once I have mastered the awful template material. I know it is not what I should say but I am so glad you also struggled with it, it makes me feel so much better lol. Nana is going to try the other type of stencil material and I sure hope it is better than the silhouette stuff.
    You did a really great job with the two colours, my stones didn’t flip over either and when you have the two colours it makes it more difficult doesn’t it.
    Kim x

    1. Becky Dykes (Post author)

      Thanks, Kim! I think we’re so used to the Silhouette making everything so easy, this one just wasn’t AS easy, LOL. Would definitely be interested to hear how it works out for Nana!

  7. Lee-Ann

    Super cute!!!

    1. Becky Dykes (Post author)

      Thanks, Lee-Ann!

  8. Dee

    I love this! This shirt would work for all of my girls–I would just have to adjust the sizes! 😉

    1. Becky Dykes (Post author)

      Thanks, Dee! Good point—I think this applies to most girls, LOL!

  9. Carol S

    This top is adorable Becky and I really appreciate the tips you gave – they will help me out when I get try rhinestones for the first time. Thanks for sharing.
    Carol x

    1. Becky Dykes (Post author)

      Oh yes, Carol, definitely more than meets the eye with rhinestones! Glad you found it useful!

  10. Stacey's Creative Corner

    Super cute shirt!! That design is fabulous and it looks great being blinged up!!

    1. Becky Dykes (Post author)

      Thanks, Stacey! We sure had a great time learning to use the rhinestones!

  11. Penni

    Fabulous design. Pefect for any young lady !!!

    1. Becky Dykes (Post author)

      Thanks, Penni! So glad you could stop by for a visit!

  12. Brenda Young

    Gosh,too cute! Your post made me create a silhouette board on Pinterest, and I dont even have one yet Becky!

    1. Becky Dykes (Post author)

      Thanks Brenda! Enter those silhouette giveaways and you might get lucky. I did. I’ll check out your pinterest board. You might pin something I haven’t tried yet.

  13. sherrie

    Wow, this turned out amazing! I would love to give this a try! Thanks for sharing and for the great information!
    Sherrie K

    1. Becky Dykes (Post author)

      Thanks Sherrie! It was definitely a learning experience but it was worth it in the end.

  14. Kate creasey

    Becky, this is really cute. I don’t have little girls so I’m going to have to come up with a manly way to use rhinestones LOL! Thanks for the hints and tips. I’ve found that when you make something you always learn some little things along the way that tutorials don’t have so I really appreciate your sharing.

    1. Becky Dykes (Post author)

      Thanks Kate! I think you’re going to have to make something for yourself with the rhinestones. The guys just don’t appreciate bling the way we do. lol

  15. Pamela Danner

    This is such a darling little T-shirt!
    Thanks for linking up.

    Have a creative day.

    1. Becky Dykes (Post author)

      Thanks Pamela! It’s going to be so cute on my daughter.

  16. Erlene

    Such a cute project…I would make that for my youngest dd, who is a drama queen. Thanks for sharing it on Merry Monday Linky Party.

    1. Becky Dykes (Post author)

      Thanks so much Erlene and thank you for the tweet! My daughter is still too young to be sure but all the signs are pointing to drama queen. lol Thanks for stopping by.

  17. Julie O

    Super cute! It looks like a very difficult first rhinestone project, but you pulled it off beautifully!

    1. Becky Dykes (Post author)

      Thanks Julie! It was quite challenging but I’m very happy with how it turned out.

  18. Denyse @ Glitter, Glue & Paint

    How darn cute! I’ve had a Silhouette since before Christmas and it’s still in the box. Now you have me to maybe dig it out. Thanks for sharing at Project Pin-It.


    1. Becky Dykes (Post author)

      Thanks, Denyse! I have some great bloggy resources for learning a Silhouette! Let me know if you need any tutorials to get you started! It’s so much fun once you get the hang of it!

  19. Winnie

    It looks fantastic!!
    Very cute, and I think you’ve done a great job 🙂

    1. Becky Dykes (Post author)

      Thanks Winnie! It turned out to be a lot of fun.

  20. Michelle @ Moms Are Frugal

    I really like how the shirt turned out and it looked like you had a lot of fun with the rhinestones.
    Thanks for linking up at the Ultimate Linky Party!

    1. Becky Dykes (Post author)

      Thanks Michelle! Thanks for hosting.

  21. Dee

    I really do love this project, and It’s making me want to save my pennies for a silhouette! Thanks for linking up at Snickerdoodle Sunday! 🙂

    1. Becky Dykes (Post author)

      Oh, Dee, you absolutely must add it to your wish list! There are so many wonderful projects to make with the Silhouette, it’s definitely my best investment!

  22. Ashley @ 3 Little Greenwoods

    Oh my, I need one of these sparkly shirts in a size 4T for my Tootsie! 😉

    Thank you so much for sharing your creativity at our Show-Licious Craft & Recipe Party! Join us again on Saturday to show off your latest projects!

    ~ Ashley

    1. Becky Dykes (Post author)

      Thanks Ashley! I made this for my daughter and it’s adorable. Thanks for hosting a great party!

  23. Robin

    That is soo stinkin’ cute!! Love it 🙂

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