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Wedding Coaster with Crystals and GlitterFlex


Looking for personalized wedding favors can be exhausting, not to mention outrageously expensive.  While cork coasters may not be your cup of tea, working with GlitterFlex and Crystals is sure to have your design sense swooning at first glance.  We’re…
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Glass Etching Gift Idea with EtchAll


If you haven’t tried glass etching yet, you don’t know what you’re missing!  This may be my favorite project to personalize gifts, and I’m here to introduce you to the hands-down best etching cream on the market: EtchAll!  While there…
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Faux Rhinestone Design with Confetti HTV


Looking to spruce up your home décor or perhaps make a few more personalized gift items?  Today we’re going to grab those gorgeous red pillow covers and your Chemica’s Confetti HTV from and create a faux rhinestone design that will…
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Wood Slice Ornaments with Transparent Vinyl


Have you recovered from Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping?  Maybe you’re ahead of the game and started decorating your Christmas tree (whoo-hoo)?  It’s finally time to start working with the transparent vinyl sheet and your wood slice!  We’re going to talk…
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Faux Photo Pallet Board Sign


Since we’re right in the middle of our holiday crafting… let’s talk about personalized gifts.  Those photo pallet boards about take the cake in my book, I mean how awesome are they?  While we couldn’t quite fit a pallet in the…
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Creating Mock-ups with Burlap Pillow Wraps


Getting in the holiday season yet?  Today’s burlap pillow wraps are just what you need to get a start on your home décor.  They also make great gifts AND great sales, so you’ll want to grab some for our crafting…
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Hello Fall Pumpkin using PVPP Method!


Are you ready for those trick-or-treaters?  Check out these awesome pumpkin cutouts to send a super sweet message for Halloween or Fall!  We’ll reveal to you how to use the “PVPP” method, so be sure to save some of that…
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Wicked Little Halloween Banner


Have you started decorating for Halloween yet?  We’re here to break you out of your shell and introduce you to how paper crafts can enhance your Halloween decor! Better yet, we’ll combine paper and vinyl from Happy Crafters and make it…
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